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A Certain Summer by Patricia Beard

A Certain Summer

This book will be released on May 21, 2013

My thoughts
Set on the small island of Wauregan right after WWII, Helen Wadsworth prays that her husband is still alive as he was declared MIA during a secret mission in occupied France. She has a son to take care off and begins to fall for Frank Hartman, her husband’s friend and partner on that ill-fated mission. She also starts to have feelings for yet another man, Peter Gavin, younger and also a survivor of the war with Japan. She finds it difficult to come to terms with the past and move on so that she and her son can move forward.

This is more than a love story or mystery; it is a novel of human emotions, frailty and endurance. I found the characters to be well written and felt for each of the three. The reader gets to feel what it is like for those left behind without some sort of closure. The mystery wasn’t too mysterious, but didn’t take away from the drama. This one was certainly an enjoyable read!

Book Description
"Nothing ever changes at Wauregan.” That mystique is the tradition of the idyllic island colony off the shore of Long Island, the comforting tradition that its summer dwellers have lived by for over half a century. But in the summer of 1948, after a world war has claimed countless men—even those who came home—the time has come to deal with history’s indelible scars.

Helen Wadsworth’s husband, Arthur, was declared missing in action during an OSS operation in France, but the official explanation was mysteriously nebulous. Now raising a teenage son who longs to know the truth about his father, Helen turns to Frank Hartman—her husband’s best friend and his partner on the mission when he disappeared. Frank, however, seems more intent on filling the void in Helen’s life that Arthur’s absence has left. As Helen’s affection for Frank grows, so does her guilt, especially when Peter Gavin, a handsome Marine who was brutally tortured by the Japanese and has returned with a faithful war dog, unexpectedly stirs new desires. With her heart pulled in multiple directions, Helen doesn’t know whom to trust—especially when a shocking discovery forever alters her perception of both love and war.

Part mystery, part love story, and part insider’s view of a very private world, A Certain Summer resonates in the heart long after the last page is turned.

Disclosure: I received this book for review from the publisher. I received no compensation for my thoughts.

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