Thursday, March 14, 2013

Girl Scout Cookie Scam?

Usually we buy our Girl Scout cookies from the girls around the corner from us. There are three sisters and we split up our orders so each gets a share. And when they deliver the cookies, we pay them. Never fails. Has been working like this for the past few years.

Well, one day in January, right after snow had blanketed the neighborhood, there was a knock on our door and there were two girls that I have never seen before selling Girl Scout cookies. Dressed in their uniforms and shivering from the col, I asked where they were from. They told me the name of their town which is one that is towns away and about ten miles. Then I noticed their mother in a caravan out in the road. She was driving them around.

I asked if I pay now or later. They said now. Since cookies are $4.00 a box, I bought five to make a total of $20. I doubted they had change. I asked when I would see the cookies. They said the end of February.

Well, guess what? We are now in the middle of March, and still no cookies. I look on my porch every night, hoping to see a bag of cookies. Have we been had? Did they take the money and run off? They got my name and address, I should have gotten theirs. It makes me weary of buying from the Girl Scouts again. And what values is that mother teaching her daughters? I think I will go back to buying cookies from the Girls Scouts that sit outside of Wal-Mart. At least, I can enjoy them right away.

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