Monday, December 31, 2012

Tria Cafe - Philadelphia

Tria Café is a wine and cheese bar (seems to be all the rage in Philadelphia). They also serve craft beers. We read about it as we were planning our trip to Philadelphia for the holidays. My wife and I visited the Washington Square West location and were pleasantly surprised and educated. They had a nice selection of cheeses and not one but two hostesses were courteous and explained the types of cheeses and what went well with them. Although, we did not choose the wine, they were helpful in selecting beers that would complement the cheese we chose.

We went on a Sunday and they have what they call Sunday school, with a choice of cheeses, wine and beer at incredibly low prices. I choose one of the cheeses on the menu, looking at the price and not the type. It was a goat cheese and I don’t like goat cheese. I gave it to my wife and the waitress selected a cheese that she thought I would like and I did.

They are not overly priced and as I mentioned the staff was friendly and helpful. I definitely recommend Tria for wine and cheese enthusiasts.

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