Saturday, December 08, 2012

Moon Underfoot by Bobby Cole

My thoughts
Jake Crosby and his family are again being stalked by another criminal known as Moon Pie and was an associated of two men that Jake killed (in The Dummy Line). Moon Pie’s desire for revenge overtakes his desire to make big bucks on enormous drug deal.

If you ever wanted to know what life is like for the protagonist after a novel ends, you can read how Jake lives in fear and eighteen months after the previous story ends. I enjoyed The Dummy Line and Jake, but this second story has various story lines and less action or mystery to what would happen. The villains are buffoons, I thought. It’s a passable second novel, but not as good as the first.

Book Description
Eighteen months ago, stockbroker Jake Crosby and his daughter Katy narrowly survived a living nightmare at a remote Alabama hunting camp. To save Katy, Jake killed two men—men who were friends and business associates of notorious outlaw and drug-runner Ethan “Moon Pie” Daniels. That night, Moon Pie made a blood promise of revenge. And in Moon Pie’s dark world of violence, such promises are always kept.

Jake Crosby doesn’t regret what he did that night; he knows it was kill or be killed. But he can’t shake the feeling that the horror isn’t over, that Katy and his wife, Morgan, aren’t yet safe—and that retribution is coming. All he knows for sure is that he will do anything—everything—to protect his family. That’s a vow the dangerous Moon Pie will put to the ultimate test on a cold, moonless night deep in the heart of a river swamp.

This riveting follow-up to Bobby Cole’s heart-stopping thriller The Dummy Line deftly explores the perils of revenge…and the profound power of a husband and father’s love.

Disclosure: I received this book for review through the vine program. I received no compensation for my thoughts.

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