Monday, December 10, 2012

Mad Dog House by Mark Rubinsein

Mad Dog House

My thoughts
Roddy Dolan and his best friend Danny Burns are asked to become silent partners in a restaurant that with a friend from the old neighborhood, Kenny McGuirk; someone he hasn’t seen in over thirty years. Suspicious at first, but Roddy decides to invest because Danny is excited about it; then after six months things begin to go sour and Roddy has to become the person he once was when he lived in Brooklyn and get them out of danger.

The story grabs you from the beginning pages and lures you into a story of a Brooklyn kid makes good, becomes a doctor and now has to deal with the past and gangsters to get his life back on track. Roddy McDowall is an exciting character. I found the others amusing; the dialogue snappy and the action all consuming. Another one of those books that you don’t want to put down.

Book Description
Roddy Dolan, a successful suburban surgeon, long ago left behind his past--one that nearly landed him in jail at 17. When he's approached by an old friend about becoming a silent partner in a Manhattan steakhouse, he's understandably wary. So he consults with his lifelong blood brother, Danny Burns.

Danny's convinced this "vanity project" is the perfect trophy to illustrate how far they've traveled. Certain he's buried his checkered past, Roddy joins in this venture with serious reservations. Danny is quickly sucked into the high-energy glitz of the restaurant, but Roddy is suspicious.

Amidst the glitter of New York's nightlife, amongst Mafia honchos and Russian thugs, events spin out of control and the lives Roddy and Danny knew are over. Hidden shady dealings drag them and their families into life-threatening terrain. Struggling with a monster he thought he'd buried, Roddy must make momentous choices, and none are good. But he has a daring plan . . .

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