Thursday, March 29, 2012

Further Interpretations of Real-Life Events by Kevin Moffett

Further Interpretations of Real-Life Events: Stories

Book Description
Propelled by a multitude of idiosyncratic voices, the stories in Kevin Moffett's Further Interpretations of Real-Life Events are tragic in their conception and comic in their execution. Moffett casts light on

characters in transitional states, stalled and puzzled. In "In the Pines," a Civil War reenactor visits an elderly woman recently relocated to a retirement home. In "Border to Border," an immigrant working at an amusement park faces a disconcerting choice when he loses one of his dental crowns. In "First Marriage," a honeymooning couple is stalled in Arizona by the stink of dead animal in their rental car. Even as they bumble and disappoint their way through these stories, these characters elicit from us a sympathy—even a self-identification—that is something much stronger than pity. The result is an unsettling and unforgettable collection. Written with penetrating insight into our motivations and fears, Further Interpretations of Real-Life Events is a wise, funny, and haunting book that signals the emergence of a trailblazing talent.

My thoughts
This is a collection of nine short stories that are a slice of life for the characters within them. There isn’t a resolution within the stories, but are written to make provoke the minds of the reader. Brilliantly written, but none stand out for me and are soon forgotten after finishing the book.

Disclosure: I received this book for review from the publisher. I received no compensation for my thoughts.
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