Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Taproom No. 307, New York, NY

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If you are a beer lover and are ever in New York City, you have to go to Taproom 307.  They have over 40 types of beer on tap.  We went there in October, just in time to try some pumpkin beer. They had two types on tap; Pumpkin Pie from Chelsea Brewing Company and Punking from South Tier Brewing Company (both New York breweries).  The Pumpkin Pie had a nice aroma but a weak pumpkin taste.  The Punking, my wife and I both enjoyed. It had a nice taste and a creamy aroma.

Next up we tried Liefmans Cuvee Brut Cherry Ale from Belgium. It was a tart cherry beer; not too strong but definitely a cherry flavor.  Next was Bocktoberfest from Wandering Star, MA; Its lager that’s not pale and has some strength.

I would have loved to try more but without food, that wouldn’t have been a good idea. The Taproom serves food, but we didn’t order anything.  Being there on an afternoon, it was quiet with only a few customers at the bar.  The Beer sommelier, Hayley who was tending bar, talked with us and explained all about the beers and how she chooses different ones and also tries to keep local brews available. Open since April2011, I hope they stay around awhile; I’d like to attend one of their events and try more beers.
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