Monday, August 22, 2011

Mad Hatter Restaurant, Sanibel Island, Florida

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If you want to try a sophisticated restaurant on Sanibel Island in Florida, I would recommend the Mad Hatter Restaurant. It is a small building with limited seating (reservations are recommended) and overlooks the water. As with the name, it has an Alice in Wonderland theme when you get in, but it is nothing special. But what is special is that it overlooks the water and one side is all windows so everyone has a good view of the sun setting. Now that’s a sight to see.

There is a limited menu but very exquisite. As an appetizer I had the spiced watermelon salad (it had a kick). I had the veal chop special which was big and juicy. My wife tried the grilled filet mignon (also very good). Although a little pricey, the meals are certainly worth it. Desserts were scrumptious.

The drinks are limited to wine and beer and they had a large wine list (but I wondered where they hid their wine cellar).

Whether a romantic dinner for two and or a night out with good friends, I highly recommend this place.
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