Friday, August 26, 2011

The Bubble Room Restaurant, Captiva Island, Florida

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The Bubble Room Restaurant on Captiva Island, Florida is an experience to say the least. This pink three story house is more than a restaurant. It is a museum of discarded toys and Christmas decorations.

We were seated at a table that housed statues for old time actors and comedians and the glass enclosed table had small toys and those little plastic trinkets you once got in a box of Cracker Jacks. Our Bubble Scout (waiter) was Jayson who was a student and only worked there three weeks, but he was very personable and to me that always helps. (As we walked around to check out the other floors, we did notice some of the other Bubble Scouts and they seemed bored and disinterested).

We were served bubble bread (a cheesy toasted loaf) and sticky buns. We ordered out drinks. Others have complained about the cost of drinks but we were on vacation so it didn’t matter. I ordered as a starter – The Little Rascals - Four large sautéed gulf shrimp, in garlic butter sauce. Served with homemade French bread! They were delicious. For dinner I order the Duck Ellington (catch the fancy names) - Golden Roasted Duck with a tasty tropical orange and banana sauce served with wild rice and selected vegetables. I thought the duck was a little dry (the skin was crispy) but it tasted okay with the banana sauce. I can’t recall what my wife ordered but there was plenty of food that we had to request take home containers.

And yes, their desserts are huge, about an eight of a regular size cake. We order one for the two of us, their national famous orange crunch cake. It was moist, a delightful orange frosting, and yes, we had to ask for a take home container for that also.

Overall, I gave 5 stars to our waiter, 4 star to the atmosphere and 3 stars to the food and for what it cost, we had the experience but I wouldn’t travel so far as to try it again.
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