Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rod's Steak and Seafood Grill

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My wife and I recently ate at Rod’s Steak and Seafood Grill in Convent Station, New Jersey; not once but twice and we enjoyed it both times. The first time we went for our anniversary and I wanted to eat there because part of the restaurant is two old passenger train cars. I wanted to eat in one of the cars but since it was a week day, they didn’t serve in there. We ate in the main dining room on the second level overlooking the bar. Rod’s has the feel of more sophisticated restaurant and the prices reflect it, but this first time was during restaurant week and was affordable.

The second time was during the weekend and we were able to secure a table in one of the dining cars. The table was small and it was a little tight. But it certainly had the feel of being in train (being on the inside, the windows were replaced with mirrors).

I had the BLT salad; which could have been a meal in itself but also had the grilled swordfish (part of their spring menu) and my wife started with the spiced ahi and sliced tenderloin for dinner. All were delicious.

Overall, Rod’s is a pleasant restaurant for a special occasion. It is somewhat pricey and the wait staff is just slightly above average.

Rod’s is opening a more moderately priced restaurant within the same building called GK’s Fred Dog Tavern with the same chef. We will have to try that some time.
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