Sunday, May 08, 2011

3M Tilt-Adjustable Gel Wrist Rest Platform, Antimicrobial Product Protection (WR420LE)

Today I have a guest review – my wife!

Product Description
Gel wrist rest platform features antibacterial protection and tilt-adjustability. Adjusting the tilt helps keep wrists properly aligned with your keyboard. Sleek design includes a tapered leatherette-covered wrist rest and no hard edges. Softer gel with a cushier feel provides optimal wrist comfort.

My wife’s thoughts
LOVE the keyboard thingy!
Easy to set up.
Definitely feel a difference using the single-level rubber feet with a 5 degree positive tilt Love the fact that the wrist guard is adhered to the platform by Velcro to ensure that the wrist guard doesn't move, but is moveable to clean the platform.

Disclosure: I received this product for review as a member of the Vine program. I received no compensation for my thoughts.
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