Saturday, January 08, 2011

Easy As Pie At Bobby's Diner by Susan Wingate

Book Description
Georgette Carlisle lost her first husband, and is about to lose her next one: Hawthorne Biggs. She’s running the diner with Roberta, her late husband’s daughter. When old friend, Helen, comes back home after a failed attempt at a writing career, she is, once again, attracted to Georgette’s man. After the two women part company Helen goes missing. While digging around, Georgette finds out that Biggs has a dangerous past. With Roberta at her side, the two women brave separation, torture, and near death at the hand of Biggs. And, after taking him down, the women find a new strength and belonging. EASY AS PIE is the number two book in the four-part “Bobby’s Diner” series.

My Thoughts
Georgette is a widow and running a diner with her late husband’s daughter when she meets Hawthorne and a second chance at love. When Georgette’s friend Helen comes back to town and stays with Helen, Helen and Hawthorne do the dirty deed. Georgette has enough of both Helen and Hawthorne. Then Helen is found murdered and Hawthorne wants to reconcile. But is Hawthorne hiding a secret? This is the second book of a four book series, but holds its own. I found Georgette to be a strong character and the novel a fun one to read.

Disclosure: I received this book for review from the author. I received no compensation for my thoughts.
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