Friday, June 04, 2010

Sophie Redesigned by Karen Dahood

Book Description
"Why not live dangerously for a change?"

She knows she's smart, but she's bored. When Sophie meets "Sam," a pre-Internet police detective who depends on her professional skills at the Dorado Bay Public Library, she decides to retire and go freelance. He's reluctant to hire her as a consulting researcher until she beats him to the murder scene and knows the victim. They awkwardly proceed to solve the crime with opposing techniques, uncovering a decades-old killing corporation and a religious cult, all in the same dysfunctional family.

SOPHIE REDESIGNED is the first in a series of Sophie and Sam collaborations to solve crimes committed under Sophie's sharp nose for trouble. Elder issues drive the plots while family ties are tested, including Sophie's relationship with her son Robin, who thinks "active retirement" should not mean sneaking around the country for clues. Then there's the problem of growing warmth between two senior citizens who are past their romantic prime. Or are they?

My thoughts
Sophie doesn’t want to be just another lonely retired woman living in Florida. As he a librarian she loves to do research and when a friendship develops with Sam, a local police detective, she starts to do some research for him. Finding this more intriguing then working with the new library of computers, she retires and wants to be Sam’s ‘partner’. Things start to really get going when a neighbor is murdered and another disappears. Karen Dahood keeps the action going with couple who are not ready to just sit back and be put out to pasture. I found Sophie Redesigned, an amusing and entertaining first book in this new series. And will Sophie and Sam ever become romantically involved?

Disclaimer: I received this book for review form the author. I received no compensation for my thoughts.
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