Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Meeting Peter Max

My wife has been in love with the artwork of Peter Max since the first time she saw his paintings on a cruise we took several years ago. His work is certainly out of our price range. But I did get her the book The Art of Peter Max so that at least she can admire his work at home.

Anyway, I found out that he would be at the Wentworth Gallery in Short Hills this past weekend and off we went to meet him. She was in awe. Not only did the gallery have so many of his pieces, which she could not stop viewing them (my eyes were on the price tag); he was there to sign the backs of those pieces sold. She did get to speak with him and something may come of their conversation which I cannot discuss at this time.

It was a pleasurable afternoon and maybe the two of us will visit more galleries in the future.
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