Friday, November 20, 2009

Level 26: Dark Origins by Anthony E. Zuiker

Book Description
Level 26: Dark Origins features Steve Dark, the ultimate crime scene tactician on the tail of a killer so brutal law enforcement has invented a new classification of evil to account for him. Dark Origins can be read on the beach or on an airplane without any digital access . . . but where the traditional story ends, a deeper level of immersion is available at, exclusively to readers of the book. About every twenty pages, you will have the option of logging in to experience a digital cyber-bridge—a three-minute motion picture scene with A-list actors you might’ve seen in blockbuster films and award winning TV shows. Before your eyes, the characters will spring to life, crime scene details will explode off the screen, and the Web site might even ask for a phone number—where the killer can reach you directly. You might call it CSI with an edge.

My thoughts
“Level 26: Dark Origins” is a concept novel, where you can log onto the internet to catch glimpses of what is happening in the story. I choose to read my books and not interact with the internet. As a book, it was an interesting (if not grotesque) story. It is graphic and violent and one can easily be turned off. The book was written by a filmmaker and not a novelist so details were almost non-existent.
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