Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Glenn Miller Conspiracy by Hunton Downs

Product DescriptionFamed band-leader Glenn Miller was a superstar of his and subsequent generations, who previously had accepted the US Military position that Miller had died over the English Channel during World War II. Pulitzer Prize nominee Hunton Downs discovered hints of a conspiracy and cover up during his specialized military service thoughout Europe just after the war, and embarked on a 55-year search for the truth. Through RAF and erman secret documents he accessedo in his military work, and through information that has since been de-classified, Downs pieced together, bit by bit, the amazing story of Glenn Miller's work for the US Psychological Warfare Division and his subsequent role as a secret envoy for Eisenhower in Ike's attempt to end the war as early as possible. Miller spoke German, a fact not known to many, and as one of the most revered stars in the world, he had great influence in his secret broadcasts to Germany which accompanied performances of his music by his band. The subsequent cover up story is almost as fascinating as Miller's secret life.

My thoughts
THE GLENN MILLER CONSPIRACY by Hunton Downs is a book trying to convince the reader that Big Band leader Glenn Miller was tortured to death, rather than died in a plane crash during WWII. He has spent the past 50+ plus years doing research, interviewing people and getting various governments to release documents. He has definitely done his homework, but does he provide enough evidence to the back his claim? His theory is interesting and he hasn’t written a good book, but I don’t buy the conspiracy.
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