Monday, July 11, 2005

Black licorice ice cream and the joy of not working

Hey all,

I know it’s been awhile since I have written in my blog, but I am back. Two things to share: first, and most important, 23 years after Baskin and Robbins discontinued black licorice ice cream, Stone Cold Creamery has brought it back, and not just seasonally (I hope). We went to the nearest one and I purchased two tubs of it. I am in heaven! Black licorice ice cream; can’t go wrong with that.

Second, I was surfing the net last week (I was bored, yet once again) and came across this site - Go down half the page until you see the heading “A New Jersey Man who Quit His Job after Reading the Book and Never Looked Back”. Yep, that is my letter! And yes, I feel everyone should read this book!

On the personal side, Jennifer is taking riding lessons. She really loves horses and is enjoying her summer. Shell be starting eighth grade in the fall. Max and I are doing well, still working on the house; this time the dining room and kitchen. Someday the house will be done. We moved the bench next door and added a picnic bench, bird feeder and bird bath. It certainly looks and feels like a park. We spent the last two holidays barbequing there.


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